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I am a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in the area of Neuropsychology for the past 37 years. My practice is based on the Monterey Peninsula. My areas of expertise include:

1) Dementia and Memory disorders: Assessment and consultation with elders, their family members, care providers and attorneys regarding issues about memory, cognitive function, and capacity determination.

2) Traumatic Brain Injury: Assessment, cognitive rehab, counseling and coaching to compensate for changes in cognitive function due to injury. I perform diagnostic and forensic evaluations, workers comp and disability assessments.

I have had very personal experience in caring for and coping with aging parents with dementia as one of my parents suffered from Parkinsons disease and a related dementia, and the other, with Alzheimers Disease. As the sole relative and offspring, I have experienced first hand all the challenges that go along with caregiving, and hopefully can share that experience with my patients and family.

I hope the information provided on this site will be useful to you. And always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance in finding the services you need to meet your goals.


A clinical neuropsychology consultation can identify the particular cognitive and behavioral changes that have been caused by such medical problems as dementia, a brain injury or chronic neurologic condition. Such effects of injury or illness may not be obvious in standard medical, psychiatric, or neurological exams.

At times, objective neurodiagnostic tests such as EEG, CT, or MRI do not reveal physical changes to the brain, even when the person displays significant problems with memory, thinking or behavior.

Often these changes involve only higher cognitive functions that require more than a routine neurological workup to assess.

Therefore, a neuropsychological exam takes up where the neurologic exam ends to provide a more comprehensive evaluation, recommendations, and supportive services.

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