Types of Consultations

Depending on referral question, immediacy of need, and complexity of the issues involved, the following evaluations can be done:

An Initial Neuropsychological Diagnostic Assessment:
Pertinent medical record review; telephone or in-person interview with family/caregiver (if appropriate);a home or office visit and testing session lasting between 2-3 hours.

Competency Assessment:
Specifically addressing the legal issues of ability to manage financial affairs and make medical decisions. This provides information to be used in competency hearings, estate planning, probate testimony, etc.

Comprehensive Evaluation:
Establish diagnosis and outline the full range of cognitive function/dysfunction the person exhibits. It also addresses:

  • Whether the person can resume or continue employment.
  • Whether the person can undertake educational activities.
  • Whether rehabilitation or coaching in cognitive skill enhancement is required.
The testing required in such cases can range from 4-10 hours, depending on referral issue and the types of deficits the person displays.

Caregiver Education and Support
Extended consultation for family/professionals who will be caring for a neurologically impaired person and wish to maintain maximal independence for the individual, yet safety in the living environment.

Adaptive Neuropsychological Coaching
Targeted towards: Individuals with neurologic conditions who wish to
continue working and need adaptive skill training to compensate for changes in cognitive abilities. Employers wishing to retain such persons but needing consultation on job descriptions, workplace environments, etc., to address the needs of the individual.

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