Who Should Be Referred

Patients who may benefit from evaluation are those with:

  • Concerns regarding competency for financial and health care decision-making

  • Changes in memory abilities/Stroke, heart attack, or other vascular events

  • Broader behavior and cognitive status changes suggestive of dementia

  • Questions as to whether dementia vs. depression is producing memory and cognitive problems, and whether the causes can be treated

  • Head injuries, ranging from mild concussion to serious traumatic brain injury

  • Near-drowning, electric shock, or other hypoxia or anoxic brain damage

  • Brain tumor or seizure disorder/Exposure to toxic substances/Alcoholism or substance abuse

  • Unexplained sudden change in cognitive or psychiatric status

  • Other neurological disorders, to document impairment and/or progression (i.e.,MS, Parkinson's Disease)

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